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Video-deposition-mdWhen at trial, it is elementary knowledge the jury will primarily utilize two of their senses, hearing and sight; however, too many advocates rely excessively upon only one sense, hearing.  As you present the case, place great emphasis upon means of proof which will address both senses, and particularly the jurors’ sight.

Since a jury has many eyes and ears, as well as a plethora of practical knowledge and wisdom, it is important to provide them the tools to help them remember the important case points.  Without retention from the jury, and of course a strong argument for the law, success is not an option.

One of many of our legal services designed to assist in jury retention is a video deposition. It is extremely important for Judges and jurors to see emotions, witness body language and tone of voice.  Sometimes, if lucky, you may even surprise a witness with a question, and only on video can you capture that live event for a later viewing by a jury; something a typed deposition will never deliver.

Video depositions are also a great tool for court reporters to verify accuracy of their own work.  We work with many talented court reporters throughout the country and have developed great working relationships with those reporters.  We are always confident our expert certified videographers and skilled court reporters will provide you with ultimate service coupled with timely and accurate results.

Video depositions have even more uses than just as a retention tool for trial or as a transcript check for a court reporter.  One example is expert witness depositions. Expert witness depositions are a cost effective solution for many firms, and detrimental to the argument of most cases. Another benefit our clients utilize a visual deposition is when a conflict occurs for a witness to physically appear at trial due to an illness or some other extraordinary event.

When conducting a video deposition, our professional team at Action Video Productions is committed to providing our client with consistent and reliable services from beginning to end. We have simplified our products and services to take away any additional work for your firm, allowing the focus to stay on the case:


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