Court Reporting Support


When you think of a court reporting service, you think of a stenographer (also known as shorthand reporter) in the courtroom, or a deposition, quietly keying in testimony, right?

While court reporters certainly work in the courtroom, it’s not unusual for a court reporter to spend more time outside of court than in. In fact, many court reporting services provide services unrelated to legal proceedings.

Generally speaking, court reporting services cater to the legal industry providing accurate, word-for-word transcripts of testimony, depositions, arbitration, and other legal proceedings. These written accounts become part of the legal record. Court reporting services are also used by businesses, government, unions, and other groups who need accurate, verbatim records of meetings, speeches, and other government or business proceedings.

Ever watch television with closed captioning or “secondary audio programming” (SAP) enabled? Court reporters are often used to transcribe the spoken word into the onscreen text that you see when viewing television with these options enabled. Closed captioning allows deaf and hard of hearing viewers to see what’s being said – in real time.

Equipped with real time court reporting equipment, a court reporter can transcribe the spoken word into real time text that appears on television screens – as the words are being said. This same technology can be used at live events, both in person as well as online.

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